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Choosing the right home loan

Many of my clients make significant savings over the years simply because I find the right home loan for their situation. I review individual lender offerings in detail and help you to locate the most suitable home loan for your needs, supported by quality ongoing service.

First home buyers

Buying your first home can be a confusing time, so it pays to get the help of a good mortgage broker when looking for the right home loan. I explain the process of purchasing property and securing a home loan in plain English and cover all the essentials in the home buying and finance process step-by-step.

The three most common questions I am asked by first home buyers are:

  • Which home loan is right for me?
  • Should I fix my home loan?
  • How do I pay my home loan off faster?

To best answer these questions, I start by confirming your available deposit amount and ensure you are aware of and have made allowances for all associated costs of borrowing. Finding the right lender and the right home loan for you is the next step – every situation is different and what may work for friends and family may not be suitable for you. I keep in touch regularly throughout the home loan application process to let you know how your lender responds and guide you through to settlement and ongoing management of your home loan.

Miners and the resources industry

The resources industry is strong in the central and northern Queensland region in which I operate and I have worked extensively with employees in the resources sector to find and secure a home loan. As a result of working in remote areas and often unusual hours, I am able to offer extra and flexible support throughout your home loan application, finalising requirements via phone, fax and email in a time effective manner. I maintain regular contact and make myself available for queries at a time to suit you.

Marital/family separation

Working out what to do with property and any outstanding home loans when it comes to separation is an important part of moving on. I am experienced with property and finance settlements in marital and family separations. I understand the Family Court system and familiar with procedures so I’m able to work well with both parties and their Solicitors, to ensure a satisfactory outcome is achieved.

Loan reviews

I provide fee free, no obligation loan reviews. These should be conducted at least every three years to ensure you have the best product, features and pricing, to meet your needs. If nothing changes at least you will have peace of mind. When was the last time you had your loan reviewed?

Complementary business services

My experience has shown that certain financial circumstances require the services of a specialist in that area. I have a network of professional contacts with experience in all aspects of lending and finance to whom I can refer you for specialised service if required. I will continue to work with you and your specialist throughout to ensure you find the appropriate home loan for your situation.